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Watermelon Planters SECONDS SALE

$15.00 AUD - $20.00 AUD

Image of Watermelon Planters SECONDS SALE

These fruity tooty planters will liven up any space.
Planters come in two sizes, small and large.
Hand painted means lots of love and originality in each planter!
Each pot has 1-2 drainage holes and is fully glazed, therefore, these pots are appropriate to plant directly into.

There is nothing wrong with these planters. They are old stock, and not at the current standard of quality Parrot and Pea aims for, hence they are included in the seconds sale.

All seconds are pieces unable to be sold regularly due to minor flaws. As a result, you're getting a bargain because all seconds are HALF PRICE!
Please note, seconds are not to be gifted unless SPECIFIED that these items are seconds.
Thank You for shopping my seconds sale.

Small planter: approx. 11.5cm tall x 7.5cm wide
Large planter: approx. 15cm tall x approx. 11.5cm wide

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