Welcome to Parrot and Pea by Morgyn! 

Handmade functional ceramics to adorn every home.
Inspired by the simplicity of nature, Parrot and Pea aims to provide a uniqueness to the every day experience. 

I also host workshops in Adelaide and regional SA, teaching hand building to adults and children. Get in touch if you'd like to know more, or if you'd like to see Parrot and Pea workshops at your venue. 

I love being creative with clay. The joy of being involved through each process is so gratifying, opening the kiln to reveal the treasures that await.

Ceramics has so many stages. From moulding the the clay to the glazing and firing, everything is done by me! 

Parrot and Pea's style is quite organic. I enjoy leaving 'imperfections' on my work like subtle finger prints and so forth. I feel it resembles the imperfect perfectness of nature.  

I welcome your wonderful reviews and any feedback you may have. 

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With Love,
M, x

Photo by Jacqueline Collett